Sequestration: How we got here

Sequestration is an extremely crude way to cut approximately 2 percent of federal spending. It is analogous to forcing a grossly obese person to lose a few pounds by not feeding him for a few days. On this issue, at least, it appears that Republicans and Democrats agree. So, one would think that the boys and girls who brought us the idea of sequestration (President Barack Obama, a Democrat, from whose White House the concept of sequestration arose, the Democratically-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House) ought to be able to agree on a smarter way to cut approximately 2 percent of federal spending.

Unfortunately, one would have to believe that the parties are indeed interested in cutting approximately 2 percent of federal spending. With President Obama, House Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi all on record recently stating that the federal government does not have a spending problem, it would appear that the Democrats have no interest, or at best a tepid interest, in a reduction in federal spending.

It also appears that Republicans are so committed to at least a modest 2 percent reduction in federal spending that they are willing to get that reduction in a most crude fashion and that neither party is willing to acknowledge and address the elephant in the room — entitlements.

Bob Price, Lutherville

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