The Romney presidential disaster

The column about a theoretical Mitt Romney presidency by Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. contains two serious flaws ("What if? Life under President Romney," Jan. 27). First, Mr. Ehrlich writes "... there would be a fiscal plan to cut $4 trillion of federal spending over the next four years." In fact, not only did Mr. Romney never present any plan to help balance the budget, he proposed increasing the already bloated defense budget by $2 trillion over the next 10 years.

Second, Mr. Romney's foreign policy was a disaster waiting to happen. His neoconservative advisers were the same ones who helped manipulate an ill-informed President George W. Bush into invading Iraq and now were supporting war in Iran. Also, Mr. Romney's pro-Israel billionaire donor, Sheldon Adelson, opposed any Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement and supported a U.S. war in Iran.

Finally, we would have had the neocon chicken-hawk John Bolton as Secretary of State who believes in unending U.S. wars against all of Israel's enemies, Iraq, Iran, Syria, no matter the cost in blood and treasure. A Romney war in Iran would destroy the U.S. dollar and our economy.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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