Andy Harris doesn't make me proud to be a Marylander

Rep. Andy Harris doesn't make me proud of being a Marylander. He joined 66 other Republican members of Congress and voted against disaster funds for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

He said he voted against it because the system is flawed, and he wanted to see it fixed before voting for any new funds. Really? So Mr. Harris' ideal is to fix this funding system while the victims wait for help to make the needed repairs to their homes? He wants these victims to continue to wade knee deep in mud in their homes, now 60-plus days after the storm, while he gets the ever-slow Congress of the United States to do what he deems necessary to fix what he views, in his morally certain world, as a broken system.

Dr. Harris is a physician by profession, so he may understand the story I am about to tell. There was this guy who goes to the doctor with a chicken bone caught in his throat, unable to breathe. He pleads with the doctor to remove the chicken bone. The doctor calmly extricates the chicken bone. The patient, exhilarated with the relief, asked the doctor, "what do I owe you doc?" The doctor says, "pay me what you would have paid me before I took the chicken bone out." So, Dr. Harris, you want to fix the system first and help these victims later? Tell you what Doc, remove the chicken bone first, then go on your crusade to change the system if you are that convinced of your philosophy.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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