On marriage, ministers led their flock astray

The two highest profile pitchmen for Question 6, Rev. Donte Hickman Sr. and Rev. Delman Coates, who in my opinion are not worthy of the title "Reverend," gave this reason for their support: "Let the church be the church, the state be the state, and God be the judge" ("Voices for marriage freedom," Nov. 11). This is nothing more than the blind leading the blind with both falling into the ditch.

We have a very important warning about ministers who come in sheep's clothing. Inwardly, they are ferocious wolves who can be identified by their fruit. These men are not fit to be in ministry let alone take on the name of pastor. The real, genuine pastor will expose the fraud while understanding that his job is to call people to repentance. To state that "I said, 'I don't support same-sex marriage. I support your right to get married in a courthouse,'" is indeed a step too far for any minister who is faithful to God's word.

A true minister understands the Biblical mandate to preach and teach reform, repentance, and the holiness of God. We have a right and a duty to influence those within the public square for the greater good of society. Our message will always be, "this is what you ought to do," knowing the difference when the government says, "this is what you must do."

These so-called ministers have their heads buried in the sand. Matt Birk's article was a breath of fresh air ("Don't redefine marriage," Oct. 28). He would, by far, be a better man to fill the pulpit then these two men. We have even more reason for alarm with a governor who is supposed to protect and provide safety for all the citizens of Maryland. He has failed with this one, and time will tell the story. My advice for the governor would be to seek counsel of a real minister the next time.

On a final note, these men were right in saying that God will be the final judge. My hope is that they will find mercy when standing before God for not calling the people of Maryland to repentance. May God richly bless the 48 percent for their stand on traditional marriage which is really Biblical marriage.

Rev. Terry Turbin, Baltimore

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