Gambling money corrupts our politics

Your article on the final presidential debate included a paragraph stating that "with backing from casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the Republican Jewish Coalition is airing anti-Obama TV ads in South Florida, where most of the state's Jewish voters reside." ("Final debate 'particularly big,'" Oct. 22).

This is the same billionaire casino owner who suggested he would consider spending as much as $100 million of his personal fortune on the 2012 elections in order to defeat President Obama.

With this kind of money at stake, how can we even think of voting "yes" on Question 7? Do we want outsiders coming into our backyard with casinos and walking away with a lot of our money, then turning around and spending that money to buy local and national elections?

Do you think Mr. Adelson might expect anything from Mr. Romney in return for donating $100 million to his campaign? How about the other rich folks donating millions to Mr. Romney?

This is something we should all be thinking about when we vote Nov. 6.

David Gosey, Towson

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