GOP needs a reality-check

I had to laugh when I read the letter from the Republican die-hard who insists that President Barack Obama never used the words "act of terror" to describe the attack on the Libyan embassy the day after the event ("Obama lied about Libya," Oct. 19), despite the fact that he did say it, on video, and it was broadcast on all the major networks (except Fox News, of course as they live in a fantasy world 24/7 over there anyway).

But just to set the record straight, President Obama did say, quite clearly, that he considered the attack on the Libyan embassy to be an "act of terror" the very next day after it happened. He was also born in Hawaii, and his actual birth certificate is available for anyone to see. In addition, global warming is happening right now, it's following the models the scientists predicted, and it's happening even faster than they thought it would.

Oh, and the world is round, not flat. The Earth revolves around the Sun, not the other way round. The Sun is a giant ball of hydrogen, not a golden chariot that a god drives across the sky. The sky is not a globe of crystal above our heads, it's just air, and beyond that there is no "kingdom of heaven" with rivers of gold just above the clouds, it's only billions and billions of miles of empty space, dotted here and there with other stars and planets. The fantasy world you Republicans live in exists only inside your heads, and most likely it's a manifestation of an untreated mental illness. I suggest a visit to a good psychiatrist. With proper medication and several years of therapy, you might even be able to come back to reality and join the rest of us.

But I'm not holding my breath.

William Smith, Baltimore

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