Tigers fans, where's the love?

The Detroit Tigers did what most Baltimore baseball fans wished for — they utterly dismantled the Evil Empire, the New York Yankees. Congratulations to the city of Detroit and the Tigers organization for a job well done.

I do believe that our Baltimore baseball team deserves a small thank-you in return. The Orioles did not win their ALDS playoffs versus the New Yorkers, but they were prepping the Yankees for their demise by playing hard-fought games that sent the Yankees into their series with the Tigers an exhausted team. Then came All-World Derek Jeter's unfortunate injury and the benching of Alex ("Baseball's a team game") Rodriguez.

The Yankees had all the markings of a battered team as they headed into their series against the Tigers. Superior pitching and timely home runs (Earl Weaver's favorite recipe for wins) sent the Yankees home a humbled, totally dismantled shadow of a team they once were.

Now, it looks as if the Yankees are going into the shop for an overhaul. A-Rod, he of the massively bruised ego, will most certainly want out for being disrespected. There are trade talks already swirling about others, including Curtis Granderson, who ironically burst into the major leagues with the Tigers' organization. Mark ("Just say no to Baltimore") Teixeira's best days are in the rear-view mirror, and Nick Swisher is still as quirky-goofy as ever.

Detroit, I tip my Orioles hat to thee, but I feel you owe Baltimore a small debt of gratitude The Tigers may have been the meat grinder, but the Orioles were the tenderizer. Disarray and loathing in Gotham is just all right with me!

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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