High school students support the 'Dream'

While your recent editorial ("A great investment," Oct. 10) is critical of the efforts made by opponents of the Dream Act, I would encourage you not to overlook the efforts being made by Dream Act supporters.

The Intersection is a non-profit organization in Baltimore that empowers high school students to have ownership in improving their communities. The students of The Intersection, having completed a rigorous training program, seek to make a difference. In doing so, they have focused their efforts on passing the Dream Act.

Students from The Intersection have talked with their peers, canvassed Baltimore neighborhoods, and pushed their communities to spread the word and garner support. Most recently, the students helped organize a press conference and community canvas at Baltimore Freedom Academy. With nearly 100 people in attendance, the event helped reach thousands of voters.

These same students are currently working on a documentary, organizing a student led rally, and continuing to coordinate neighborhood canvasses. Let me be clear: our students are making a statement. We refuse to follow the status quo. Through our dedication to the movement, and our commitment to equality, we are standing up for those that face barriers both tangible and intangible.

Iman Williams, Baltimore

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