Show respect to other faiths

Our media reflects our society's rallying cry of "freedom" removed from its corollary "responsibility," a tendency of ours that seems always to be on the increase. Most recently, the inflammatory video created in America and disseminated by YouTube mocking the Muslims' sacred Prophet Muhammad has been treated with an "oh, well."

Crying "fire" in a crowded theater is the example through the years of what is not permissible. Any extreme "speech" that threatens the lives of innocent people and our country's security should not be permissible.

Here in America, Catholics are not asked to stomach cartoons of the Pope, nude and in sexually provocative poses. Mormons don't have to be exposed to depictions of earlier dignitaries surrounded by scantily-dressed harems. African-Americans no longer have to see white faces painted black portraying minstrel players. We have learned a few things.

The fact that leaders in other countries used this video to stir up hate against America is beside the point. We must respect the fragility of people of other faiths and beliefs as much as we do our own. We ignore it at our own peril.

Martha G. Little, Baltimore

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