It's not Romney's blunders that turn voters off, it's his message

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham recently argued that the 2012 presidential race should be a "gimme election." With high unemployment and underemployment, the argument goes, Americans should be flocking to the Republican ticket.

Ms. Ingraham attributes the fact that President Barack Obama is leading in the polls after the convention not to the Democrats' effective indictment of failed Republican policies but to Mitt Romney's blunders. She and other pundits who share her views, however, insult the intelligence of the American people.

Isn't it equally plausible that thoughtful Americans are rejecting Mitt Romney because of his radical positions on abortion, on Roe v. Wade, Medicare, tax cuts for millionaires, deregulation, marriage equality, climate change and China?

Mitt Romney is the empty vessel that Republican voters chose to carry their extreme right-wing message. Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Gov. Rick Perry would be suffering the same fate with the same message.

Granted, Mr. Romney as messenger is detached and unlikable. But so is his message.

Andrew B. Frank, Baltimore

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