What can be done about bird strikes on airline jets?

There is no doubt that bird strikes are a growing problem that is likely to result in airline tragedy, but your recent editorial fails to discuss exactly what the FAA can do about it ("Don't count on another miracle," Sept. 14). It seems to me that any solution that would work would be objected to by environmentalists.

Perhaps we could station shooters to kill as many birds as possible around airports. That would surely be unpopular, even if effective, but short of that, what are realistic options?

Birds may have small brains, but they have learned not to fear the sight or sound of planes. Hence bird strikes are going to be a continuing problem until the birds learn that the sound of planes means death, at which point, probably after years, they may learn to avoid planes.

Until then, we can complain about the FAA all we want, but what can it do?

Anita Heygster, Pasadena

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