Kardashians trump Sept. 11

I believe it was Paris Hilton who ushered in the era of talentless, filthy wealthy television "pseudo-heroes." Then came the Kardashians, who dedicated themselves to propagating the concept that talent is a very overrated trait and positioning the Kardashian surname as a household name.

In a Sun article, it was noted that NBC's Today Show failed to honor the Sept. 11 moment of silence, observed on the eleventh anniversary of the historic and hallowed day in American history. Instead, they chose to air an interview with Kris Jenner (for the ill-informed, she is the Kardashians' mother. She's the wife of Olympian Bruce Jenner, who has invested millions in the "plastics" business).

NBC's could hot have surprised many. It was, after all, the Today Show that recently pushed Anne Curry off their carousel, replacing her with the younger, arguably prettier Savannah Guthrie. Perhaps NBC should come clean and state that ratings rules, and hard news is for fools.

As long as we continue placing undeserving people on "thou shall not worship false gods" holy pedestals, we will not fully recognize the profound enormity of that day and what we collectively take from it to heal, to better ourselves, individually and collectively.

I ask, whatever happened to "We Shall Never Forget"?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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