Democrats kicked God off the platform

The Democrats initially omitted any reference to God in their platform. In defense, a DNC spokesperson explained that some might find God offensive. Oh really!

After much bad publicity about giving God the boot, a vote was taken. Even though the voice vote reflected the majority wanted God left out, the DNC allowed God back on their convention bus, but only as a passenger, not the driver.

In an earlier interview, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois was asked why the DNC took God out of their party platform, and he replied "Don't accuse the Democrats of being godless." By no means, Senator, is your party godless; your party's god is a nanny government promising a miracle from taxpayers of a handout from cradle to grave rather than a hand up.

The DNC convention was called one of "Forward Celebration." In contrast, 23 million unemployed-underemployed people, those paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas, and those who just watched the nation's debt ticker tape roll past $16 trillion, call it a celebration of "Barack Failure."

Sadly, the Obama ship of hope and change lost its leadership rudder on day one somewhere on your local golf course. Our nation's Oval Office has had an empty chair for four years. On Nov. 6, we the people will unite to sign Barack Obama's last pay check and provide him free airfare back to Chicago, where perhaps his old job of community organizer will still be available.

Bob Harper, Cambridge

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