Media coverage of Baltimore's Grand Prix was biased and unfair

I woke up Labor Day morning after Baltimore's IndyCar race and opened the paper thinking I'd see great headlines and stories about what a fantastic party and sports spectacle we hosted, especially given there was so little time to properly prepare for it ("After Grand Prix of Baltimore, crews hustle to clear downtown streets," Sept. 3).

Instead, what I read was negativity from the first paragraph: "A sloppy race full of fits and starts before a diminished crowd."

Well, if it was diminished, the people crammed into the stands around us didn't realize that — and these were people from around the country who came to Baltimore just to see this race.

I don't think they would have trekked all the way here over Labor Day weekend to visit Fort McHenry, Little Italy or the National Aquarium. The race drew the crowds to Baltimore, and they had fun.

What is it about this race that The Sun dislikes so much? When it is time for the Baltimore marathon, you don't complain about street closures and rerouted traffic patterns. Streets all over the city are closed for that event and people are forced to use alternative routes, but it is all positive press from you.

For those of us who like motor sports — more than say football, baseball or lacrosse — it finally feels like Baltimore is giving us a sporting event to be excited about. Maybe you need to hire reporters who understand racing to cover this event.

Sure, the rain wreaked havoc on the race, but that is part of the excitement. The rain makes the racing teams change strategy and changes the outcome of the race — that is the beauty of it. A lot of fans in our grandstand were hoping for rain for just that reason.

If your paper spent more time explaining the strategy behind racing, maybe more Baltimoreans would show up for the event and learn to like it. But that would require reporters who understand racing and write about it in a fair and unbiased way.

Mia Pefinis

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