Fault for Katrina's destruction lies with the Army Corps of Engineers

A recent editorial stated that "The whole nation was metaphorically holding its breath last week as Hurricane Isaac bore down on New Orleans, almost seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina destroyed large parts of the city" ("We built that," Sept. 3).

The fact of the matter is that the flooding of New Orleans was overwhelmingly the fault of the Army Corps of Engineers — who were solely responsible for designing and building the levee system they knew to be flawed — not the hurricane itself.

Instead of correcting the system's flaws, they lied about the status of the levees while squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars. Had they done their job, Hurricane Katrina would have made much less news and would not have come to be known as such a terrible "natural" disaster.

Instead, it should have been labeled a terrible "engineering" disaster." With the dissemination of correct information, the blame for the flooding of New Orleans will eventually shift from the hurricane to the agency that allowed it to affect the people of New Orleans: the Army Corps of Engineers.

This information will only get out if the media starts acknowledging where the fault for the destruction truly lies.

William Ferguson, Los Angeles

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