Katrina didn't devastate New Orleans; faulty levees did

A few comments on your editorial "We built that" (Sept. 3):

Hurricane Katrina was not the cause of the massive devastation, destruction and deaths in New Orleans these seven years ago. Rather, it was the failure of the man-made levees and floodwalls built and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. There is admissions now from the corps that the blame it originally placed on the city and state was unfounded.

That truth being said, it is to the corps' credit that the $14.5 billion investment in flood control after Katrina performed as planned. That and the other lessons learned from Katrina, as you state, were put into play to get people out of harms way.

And Hurricane Isaac may have been a "minimum" storm as far as the scale goes; however having any storm system sitting on top of you for 60 or so hours, well, we see the results.

Jimmy Roy, New Orleans

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