The ethics of abortion

Congrats to Christopher Dreisbach on his thoughtful presentation of the logical and ethical considerations necessary to the anti-abortion argument ("Abortion ethics not so simple," Aug. 28).

What gets my blood boiling though, is that he apparently misses the same "elephant in the room" that Rep. Todd Akin missed. Mr. Akin jumped right from the punishment of the rapist to the punishment of "another innocent victim" — meaning the fetus. What both he and Mr. Dreisbach missed was the woman in the middle.

It's the woman who was the real victim of the rapist. It's the woman whose feelings, perceptions, fears, desires and values are pushed aside while others blithely assume the authority to decide what's going to happen inside her body.

Mr. Dreisbach is certainly correct in saying abortion ethics are not simple. I'd love to see politicians like Mr. Akin and other religious zealots strive to keep government out of a woman's healthcare decisions with the same fervor they display in trying to keep government out of what businesses do.

Samuel Castiglione, Randallstown

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