Orioles fans MIA? How about local media?

I read with interest Peter Schmuck's article, "The Orioles keep winning, but where are the fans?" (Aug. 29). So where are the media? Where is the support from our local government? Both news broadcasts and print media in Baltimore give the vast majority of headlines to the Ravens. Most news sports broadcasts begin, "The Orioles won last night, but the Ravens…."

Even The Sun will usually put a color photo piece about the Ravens on the front page of the sports section, with a small piece at the bottom about the O's. And this happens even before the NFL preseason begins. There is no "orange day" to compete with purple Fridays, no orange lights in downtown. Many times during this baseball season, when the O's were tied with Tampa Bay for second place, the American League standings would list the Orioles third. The name, "Baltimore," doesn't even appear in bold print.

Would it be so hard to highlight the O's? Both teams deserve their due. Both teams are a great source of pride and economic stimulus to the city and state. My hope is when the Orioles enter the playoffs, there will be heightened reporting of their accomplishments. The Orioles fans are out there but we could use a bit more encouragement and enthusiasm for our hometown team from those who bring us the news.

Linda Schmidt, Middle River

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