Romney or Obama? Vote none of the above

The column "A conservative case against Mitt Romney" (Aug.7) is correct when it states that neither presidential candidate is worth voting for. The problem is that both candidates are representatives of their political parties, which are incompetent and corrupt.

The Democrats will continue to run trillion dollar yearly budget deficits, wasting our tax dollars on welfare, unions and minorities until we are bankrupt. The Republicans will waste our money on starting new wars and pandering to Israel. Mitt Romney will allow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson to hijack U.S. foreign policy, leading us to a disastrous and unnecessary war in Iran.

The only honest, competent and courageous presidential candidate wasRep. Ron Paul, who had solutions for solving our nation's serious problems. Mr. Paul understood the need to follow our Founding Fathers' sound principles of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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