Obama puts U.S. security at risk

President Barack Obama reacted a few months ago to a question aboutIran's deliberate efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. His reply and how he was going to prevent it was "all options are on the table." That's sort of like imagining General George Custer threatening Crazy Horse at the Little Bighorn with, "Surrender! I've got you surrounded!" The only option he failed to include was the upcoming sequestration (read elimination) of $500 billion in defense spending which will begin in earnest next January and will progress into deeper cuts well past 2014.

I am sure Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is shaking in his shoes witnessing the post war political turmoil in Iraq, the U.S. troop withdrawals in Afghanistan, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Russian support of Syria's Bashar Assad's murderous regime and President Obama's feckless attitude of the defense of Israel.


The last time our military traveled the road of such weakness, the sounds of aircraft were heard over Pearl Harbor on a Sunday morning in 1941. While much of life may rest in long periods of status quo, there are moments in history when the outcome of the next great struggle will set the world stage for a greater good, or a far greater evil. The problem is our ability to recognize the difference between a real threat or a passing one, and act in time with enough resources to do so.

Today, the people of many nations are immersed in the greatest struggle of their lives between peace or war, safety or terror, liberty or oppression, life or death.


Defense cuts will weaken this county tremendously, generate huge defense contractor lay-offs rippling down to subcontractors, suppliers and yes, families alike. The cuts will embolden our enemies and unmask our national security at a time when the likes of Mr. Ahmadinejad move ahead to establish a nuclear caliphate to ensure Shia dominance in the Middle East — even with Sunni rivals. While some say that Shia and Sunni cannot cooperate, the power of the atom can fuse divergent ideologies together to fight the great infidel. The old Arab proverb "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is not off the mark here.

Unlike the spirit that welded America together for years in the fires of Pearl Harbor, we are now a politically and socially divided country in spite of Sept 11, 2001. The actions of President Obama since 2009 have greatly fostered that divide with class warfare, warfare on wealth, warfare on religion, warfare on capitalism, and now a budget warfare on our warriors who defend us.

President Obama is the antithesis of great leadership and his foreign policy declarations thus far were written long ago by other failed orators. Those who continue to believe such rhetoric have not read their history books. The predators of a sovereign nation's decline and disunity recognize their prey, and it is us.

Tony Lambros, Fallston