Romney can distinguish himself with a sensible Afghanistan policy

It is very sad and disturbing to continue reading and hearing about the skirmishes still transpiring in and around Afghanistan in order for the U.S. and NATO to maintain control of the terrorist forces, including al-Qaida and the Taliban, which is an absolute necessity.

In my opinion, the most frightening aspect of this continual conflict is President Barack Obama's recent declaration that our troops would be withdrawn from this area in 2014 — a date which appears to be nothing more than a political ploy in order to please the American public, when the announcement of a more comprehensive statement by Mr. Obama to the effect that the troops would remain there until the problems were resolved, and our troops were no longer needed, would have been more practical.

We Americans must never forget that the planning and execution of the Sept. 11 attacks originated in Afghanistan, and therefore the U.S. and NATO must never, never withdraw our military personnel from this area; if we did it would provide the terrorists with a golden opportunity to plan and execute a stronger strike against the U.S., thereby attempting the fulfillment of their earlier announced aim to annihilated every freedom loving individual from the face of the earth.

Personally, I believe the U.S. and NATO should station more of our equipped troops in this area to assure the world that our intention is to protect the salvation of our interests and responsibilities in order to preserve our democratic way of life.

It is hoped the republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, will soon relate to us his foreign affairs plans, in addition to his earlier comments relating to the improvement of our local economics and unemployment challenges.

It has just been revealed that the Afghan Air War may be cut off when, or if, the U.S. pulls out. Such a move would definitely leave Afghanistan in a stalemate in dealing with the Taliban which could eventually lead to another attack on our United States of America; and this must absolutely be avoided at all costs.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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