Manning prosecution deserves greater scrutiny

I'm writing today to encourage The Sun to pay greater attention to accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower Pfc.Bradley E. Manning's pre-trial hearings and eventual court martial.

Pfc. Manning is accused of leaking the largest document dump in U.S. history to WikiLeaks, including the Iraq and Afghan War Logs as well as the infamous "Collateral Murder" video depicting an Apache helicopter attack on Reuters journalists. Mr. Manning faces 23 different charges including "aiding the enemy," and if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Despite its far-reaching implications for journalism, whistle-blowing and the health of our democracy, Private Manning's case has not nearly been given the attention it deserves. The government's treatment of Mr. Manning, both during his pre-trial confinement and in the court room, has been appalling and the American people need to hear about it.

Mr. Manning will be in Ft. Meade on July 16 for his next pre-trial hearing. I ask that this paper and other news media please cover this hearing and bring its important developments to your readership.

Shelley Birnbaum, Baltimore

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