Who says Wegmans traffic would be worse than Solo Cup?

Baltimore County Councilman Kenneth N. Oliver wants his colleagues to reject a proposal to allow a retail development anchored by a Wegmans supermarket at the former Solo Cup site in Owings Mills. He cites traffic congestion as his main concern. ("Oliver pushes for council to reject Solo Cup rezoning," June 21.) Mr. Oliver also thinks the site should be preserved as manufacturing. I live in the 2nd district directly across from the proposed site. The traffic from the Solo Cup site when it was operational was horrific. Vehicles moving in and out en masse at shift change, combined with the existing traffic made for heavy congestion. The manufacturing side of the facility was no picnic for us residents as we have had to put up with screeching turbines, heavy truck shipments and many other noises and inconveniences associated with a manufacturing facility. While Mr. Oliver says rezoning the site does not make for "smart growth," he is also proposing to remove any restriction from the nearby Metro Center site. What does he think that would do for congestion? His proposal could and would allow for no restrictions on building size, lighting and signs.

No one is as affected by these changes as the people in my neighborhood, and we support the Wegmans proposals. The developers have met with the community and have offered sound solutions to "our" concerns. The parties against the Solo Cup have not spoken to me and therefore do not speak for me.

Mr. Oliver's proposal offers more noise and traffic by refusing to accept the proposals for Wegmans while attempting to remove any restrictions for the Metro Center. That doesn't sound like "smart growth" to me.

Stephen Kariotis, Owings Mills

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