Sun missed the message in funeral of teen killed by off-duty police officer

As a longtime member of Colonial Baptist Church who attended the June 23 funeral services for Christopher Brown, I found it hard to believe the Sun reporter was present and awake during the funeral based on the paper's account of the occasion ("Hundreds gather to mourn teen who died after fight with off-duty officer," June 23).

The article focuses on the approximately five minutes that Rev. Jamal Bryant spoke. He was on the program only to make comments. Three paragraphs were use to report his message. However, no paragraph, sentence or a single word is devoted to the presiding pastor of the service, Rev. Robert J. Anderson, who conducted the service and delivered the eulogy — a eulogy of peace and comfort and reconciliation. Why was this omitted? After he spoke, 23 young people came forward to give their lives to Christ and change the way that they were living.

That sounds significant to me, but for anyone who did not attend, they would not know a single thing about it. Accurate and complete reporting is always necessary and important. This not the type of reporting that I have come to expect from The Sun. Please tell the story, the whole story. It matters.

Fred D. Murray, Pikesville

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