Holder can defuse inquiry by releasing documents

The Fast and Furious controversy that is finally being reported to the public by the liberal, pro-Obama administration media reminds me of how a similar episode unfolded that ultimately caused Richard Nixon to resign his presidency because of critical information that he did not want to make public but was forced to by the Supreme Court.

One wonders whether Attorney General Eric Holder and maybe President Barack Obama have similar critical information about Fast and Furious that if made public would jeopardize their jobs. With Mr. Holder stonewalling the information request from the House committee and now President Obama invoking questionable executive privilege, I seem to think so.

However, the fastest way to make the Republican-controlled House panel eat their alleged "partisan gotcha-as-usual" words as stated by The Sun's editorial ("Faster and more furiously," June 22) is to give the panel everything they are legally entitled to have. If done before the election and there is no smoking gun, it will be a big win for both President Obama and Mr. Holder that most certainly would have a positive effect in the November elections.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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