Owings Mills retail plans: Too much competition

I was reading The Sun's editorial regarding Gov.Martin O'Malley's support of a special session to consider expanding gambling, and the first line said there was insufficient public debate about the existing gambling program ("O'Malley's slots gamble," May 23). The very next paragraph says the state is worried that adding another casino would oversaturate the market, diminishing their long-term success. Here they are only talking about six locations across the state.

This sounds like I am reading about Foundry Row, The Metro Centre and the Owings Mills Mall issue. These three are only a half-mile from each other and yet County Council Chairwoman Vicki Almond doesn't believe all three projects would be too much retail. Even if these three could survive, many on Reisterstown Road would not.

On the gambling issue, although backers of the gambling expansion led by Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller think it would mean more money, Governor O'Malley questions the studies on predicting revenues.

In the case of Foundry Row, they haven't even produced a traffic or environmental impact study that we can even speculate on.

And now I am back where I started, with input from the people. I definitely agree with the governor that developments on this scale and impacting so many issues should be put on the table for everyone. It should not be expected that another casino or Foundry Row should slide quietly into a slot created by and pushed by the political machine.

Shirley Supik, Baltimore County

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