Council should oppose lifting Metro Centre project limits

Your article about Councilman Ken Oliver proposing a bill to allow David S. Brown Company to bypass parking and building requirements for the Metro Centre project in Owings Mills is nothing more than an attempt by Mr. Brown to circumvent the zoning commissioners approval of this project and bypass zoning requirements ("Bill would lift Metro Centre limits," May 24). This amounts to creating a PUD.

This project was approved years ago, and Mr. Brown has delayed this project while he worked on others. This is nothing more than Mr. Brown attempting to increase the density and therefore increase his profits at the expense of our community.

There is absolutely no reason for the County Council to approve this bill since this project has been through the public input process and approved by the zoning commissioner.

What Mr. Brown is attempting to do is get Mr. Oliver to introduce a bill to bypass public scrutiny of his most recent proposal, and this is just wrong.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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