How about a Baltimore-brewed Natty Boh?

There has been a lot of talk about beer in The Sun recently — news of bar openings, microbreweries setting up shop, even an article about how the owner of National Bohemian helped bring the Orioles to town ("Beer, baseball and Baltimore," May 16). But what about National Bohemian, that iconic hometown beer whose mascot dots our city's skyline and which sells for less than $3 a bottle, or on draft now, throughout this city?

This locally-loved beer hasn't been brewed locally in years, and yet we continue to celebrate it as if it were still produced on Brewers Hill. I think it is time Baltimoreans demand their favorite hometown beer be brewed once again at home, in Baltimore. I recently saw a post of just that nature directing people to a new Facebook group demanding just that. Maybe with enough public awareness and pressure, G. Heileman Brewing Co. of Milwaukee could bring some jobs to the city that is providing it with so much money.

Brian Levy, Baltimore

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