Obama and Afghanistan: Shades of appeasement

Since the conception and birth of our nation, the basic challenge for our existence has been our participation in our wars of survival which have required our citizens to gallantly rise up and take arms and go into battle. Such action by our nation began with the Revolutionary War (1775-83) when our American colonies gained their independence from Great Britain.

This tremendous victory has been followed down through the years by early skirmishes with the native Indians, Spain, France, and Mexico, and then later by the two World Wars, Vietnam, the Korean Conflict and the powerful9/11attack.

After 9/11 it was determined that the planning and execution of the attack originated in Afghanistan byal-Qaida with the acquiescence of the Taliban, who have openly declared numerous times that their main objective in life was to annihilate every freedom loving individual from the face of the earth.

For many years the U.S. and NATO military forces have been at war with our enemies in Afghanistan and occasionally Pakistan, where sincere support for our cause has been lacking even though they are receiving billions of dollars of financial aid annually from the U.S. Even though the U.S is unhappy with Pakistan's lackadaisical attitude toward the prevailing problem, it appears to be completely ignored there by some prominent individuals who have openly spoken out and taken action in support of the terrorists but as yet haven't been brought to court.

It is quite obvious to me that our enemies in this area cannot be adequately controlled by the Afghanistan government and their military forces alone and are desperately in need of considerable more U.S. and NATO military assistance to prevent these rebels from planning and executing another attack on the U.S., which would make the explosions of 9/11 resemble a popping firecracker.

Mr. President, the survival of the U.S. seems to me to be far more important than your dates of appeasement, which appear to be in the interest of your reelection in November of 2012.

Quinton. D. Thompson, Towson

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