After Midei scandal, St. Joseph needs new ownership

As the wife of one of the victims ofDr. Mark Midei's unnecessary stent placement, I was intrigued by the news in the article "St. Joseph enters into agreement with University of Maryland Medical System" (March 23). Needless to say, having trust in a hospital is difficult to maintain after hearing news that unnecessary surgeries had been done, whether or not a family was affected by it.

With all the lawsuits related to Dr. Midei, St. Joseph was most likely struggling to maintain financial stability. Before our negative experience, my family and I had always chosen to be taken to St. Joseph's in case of an emergency because of its great location, caring staff and relatively quick response when we would walk in. Just as the statistics in the article provides, there were 8,544 fewer patients who were admitted into the hospital in 2011. Although there are many factors that could have influenced this change, chances are that a good percentage of those people decided to go somewhere else due to the distrust in St. Joseph.

But reading this article and seeing that the hospital will now be owned and run by an even stronger medical system with an excellent reputation and excellent doctors brought happiness and ease to me. Although this doesn't guarantee that something like the Midei case will not happen again, it does ensure that experienced staff will be running the hospital. The article also touched on the fact that some may be upset that the hospital is not being bought by a Catholic hospital, but the bottom line is that if there is ever a medical concern or problem,St. Joseph Medical Centeris located in a convenient area and will have their knowledgeable staff ready to help patients improve their health the best way they can.

Nahid Mahmoudian

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