Read twice before hitting "send"

All of us have let that message with an error in it get away from us. All of us have submitted texts bearing typos or the wrong homonym. All of who edit have overlooked gross blunders or, worse, inserted them in someone else's text. All of us are fallible mortals deserving of sympathy, even forgiveness.

And yet, some blunders are too delicious to ignore.

Such a one flew over the transom today in a news release from the office of Baltimore City Councilman Robert W. Curran proclaiming: 

Attached please find a copy of a press release and accompanying resolution declaring domestic violence to be a fundamental human right.

Enough tincture of mercy remains in this flinty old heart to omit the name of the councilman's aide responsible.

I'd quote the councilman's resolution, but it's much less interesting.  


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