Don't let conservative extremists destroy the U.S. Postal Service

Your article on cost cutting at the Postal Service is an ominous indication of the progress of the far-right campaign to destroy the U.S. Post Office, which has served our nation since its beginning and is enshrined in Article I of our Constitution ("Postal Service cost-cutting may deliver blow to Easton," March 10).

Contrary to the lies being propagated by those who would leave us at the mercy of FedEx and other private competitors, the USPS is not broke and has not used any taxpayer money since 1971. It is financially self-sustaining and, unlike its private competitors, it serves everyone in the country.

What plagues USPS is the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which requires the agency to pre-pay the health care benefits of not only current USPS employees, but all employees who will retire in the next 75 years — including those not yet born!

No other agency or corporation is required to do this, and it is doubtful that any could survive if forced to meet a similar requirement. The law is a poison pill designed to drive the Post Office into bankruptcy.

Despite the growth of email, we still need the Post Office. Let's get rid of that ridiculous law and stop closing post offices and cutting services.

Ron Meservey, Columbia

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