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What's important to women voters, birth control or the economy?

I have to totally agree with Susan Reimer's assertion that Democrats must be living in a lovely dream waiting for the November elections ("Women will remember in November," March 12). True, some Republican presidential hopefuls have come down with foot in mouth disease, and there seems to be no shortage of eyebrow raising sound bites coming from the endless parade of televised debates. However, it's not the gaffes or the "I shouldn't have said that" moments that are making Democrats salivate for the coming elections but the realization that once again, the women's vote will lock onto a single issue and make it a major election point.

Democratic power brokers can always count on certain voting blocs to make this happen. This strategy has the effect of taking the focus off the economy, loss of jobs, Middle East concerns, all the areas where Barack Obama has been a miserable failure and placing the focus on issues that have little or no meaning to the majority of people in this country. Ms. Reimer went out of her way to intimate that birth control and women in combat were issues on the forefront of women's concerns for this year's elections. Does any sane person actually think that a candidate's views on birth control, once elected, will ever be discussed again?

Come on, Ms. Reimer. Do you really believe that with all the difficulties we face every day, many of which have been bestowed on us by this administration, that birth control and the roles of women in combat are what women voters are going to remember when choosing a candidate?

Bob Voelker, Timonium

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