Wondering aloud: thoughts on religion and politics, energy and athletics

Some things I've been wondering about:

Do nervous Mitt Romney supporters remember then-Sen. Hillary Clinton thumping then-Sen. Barack Obama in three major primary states just prior to Obama declaring victory in the 2008 Democratic primaries?

Does the White House fully understand the hole it has dug itself by stepping on the third rail of abortion politics — the "conscience clause" for religious institutions?

How can self-proclaimed Zionists support the president's re-election now that a nearly nuclear Iran has Israel in its anti-Semitic crosshairs?

How can members of Congress who send their kids to ultra-expensive private schools vote to eliminate opportunity scholarships for poor, minority schoolchildren in the District of Columbia?

How can the politically correct NCAA justify forcing the University of North Dakota to drop its Fighting Sioux nickname when one of the two namesake tribes is suing to keep the nickname, and the state legislature passed a law mandating its continued use?

Are fees still taxes in the state of Maryland?

How can banks that were leveraged into underwriting questionable mortgages by the likes of ACORN and other far-left interest groups now face unfair foreclosure lawsuits supported by politicians aligned with those same interest groups?

Does the Keystone pipeline look better today, now that saber-rattling in the Middle East has once again caused the price of gasoline to skyrocket?

Why do so-called "millionaire taxes" keep getting trotted out as a cure for state budget deficits, when every state that has passed such a tax loses wealth and qualifying families?

Why do so many parents adopt a laissez-faire attitude toward marijuana, when every major criminal justice survey concurs with its "gateway" moniker?

When will the obese, emaciated, bald, left-handed, or Yankee fans be afforded protected class status by the Maryland General Assembly?

Is it discriminatory to charge young, male drivers higher insurance rates than young, female drivers even if boys tend to get into more accidents?

Who in Washington, D.C., will be responsible for $15 billion in taxpayer money wasted on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site, without one spent fuel rod ever having been stored there?

What would Alexander Hamilton say about the 4,200 employees working for the federal Department of Education?

How many "I told you so's" would follow from the likes of Thomas Jefferson?

What were all those Wall Street investment bankers thinking when they bankrolled the most anti-business member of the U.S. Senate for president in 2008?

How many real jobs has implementation of the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank financial services bill cost our fragile economic recovery?

How many top advisors have reminded former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that voters hate angry politicians?

How many flat tax advocates wish to maintain one (or more) of their favorite tax preferences?

When will voters decide that the most sensible campaign finance reform is immediate, online disclosure of all cash and in-kind contributions to a political candidate, party or PAC?

Does Jeremy Lin's amazing appeal have more to do with his lack of basketball pedigree and struggles to stay in the NBA than his ethnicity?

How many Ron Paul contributors understand their candidate's realistic goal is to influence the party platform and/or the eventual nominee, rather than win the nomination himself?

Obamacare Part I: How many Obamacare fans find it distressing to learn that the largest political support group for the president (organized labor) is also the largest beneficiary of waivers under the new law?

Obamacare Part II: How many Obamacare fans find it distressing to learn that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid secured an Obamacare waiver for the entire state of Nevada?

How many Members of Congress know that the drilling footprint on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) amounts to a postage stamp on a football field? (From personal experience: Been there, seen it.)

How many Americans know that the wildly successful Chick-fil-A restaurant chain is under siege by the secular left for its family values culture and Sunday closure policy?

Will the dopes who go around lobbying against competitive athletics in elementary and middle school ever find employment in the private sector? (Actually, I may have the answer to that one.)

If you're reading this column, you've probably been paying attention to what's happening in our state, nation and the world — and just maybe, you're wondering too.

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s column appears Sundays. The former Maryland governor and member of Congress is a partner at the law firm King & Spalding and the Maryland chairman of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. His email is ehrlichcolumn@gmail.com.

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