Obama's policies mean $5 gas

The news article by Gus Sentementes about the reasons for the current rise in gas prices ("Increases fueled by demand in China and India, turmoil in Mideast," Feb. 22) curiously omits three other and more important reasons for the rise in gas prices: failure of the Obama administration to approve new U.S. land and offshore oil drilling permits, failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to Texas, and failure to proceed with investigations into oil speculation.

In 2007, when gas prices were at the unbelievable rate of $3.22, then-Senator Barack Obama demanded the FTC investigate "big oil." In the 2008 presidential election year, presidential nominee Barack Obama blamed the Bush administration for lacking an energy policy to combat high oil prices.

Where is President Obama's demand to investigate "big oil" now that gas prices could approach $5 a gallon by the beginning of the summer? Where is President Obama's energy policy to keep oil prices down to 2008 levels?

Between President Obama's lack of an energy policy and Gov.Martin O'Malley's demand for an increase in state gasoline taxes, the prediction of $5 a gallon this summer in Maryland could be a reality.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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