Where would King be marching were he alive today? To Occupy D.C.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy is far wider than ending segregation ("Across the nation, King Day marked with rallies, service," Jan. 17). In addition to his on-going fight for racial justice, King was speaking out against economic injustice and militarism, especially the war in Vietnam.

At the end of his life, King was on his way to join striking sanitation workers in Memphis to plan a Poor People's Campaign. The campaign's goals were jobs, income and housing. King had said, "We believe the highest patriotism demands the ending of the war and the opening of a bloodless war to final victory over racism and poverty."

A recent headline in The Sun state announced that "Protesters head to D.C. to decry economic inequality: Group plans to rally with 'Occupy' movement today" (Jan. 16). Helena Hicks, a student during the 1950s who took part in the sit-ins in Read's drug store, was part of that march.

One might ask if Martin Luther King were alive today, what would he be doing? I think he'd be leading those protesters right alongside Helena Hicks, advocating as always for a more peaceful and just society.

Lee Lears, Annapolis

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