Justice for Bradley Manning

It was not a surprise that a judicial officer recommended that Pfc. Bradley Manning should be court-martialed ("Manning trial recommended," Jan. 13). This was inevitable from the beginning of the Article 32 hearing. And just as inevitable is that there will be a court martial. I and others will be outside the military base, presumably Fort Meade, during the court martial to show our support for him.

And a final inevitability is that Private Manning will be found guilty. What remains to be seen is what will be the sentence. Whoever decides on the sentence will not have the courage to give him time served. Thus, the support network will continue its work to free Bradley Manning, incarcerated for allegedly leaking information which showcased U.S. support for dictators and at least one alleged war crime.

It would not surprise me if the soldier was given a life sentence because he refused to aid in the prosecution of Julian Assange. Yet as someone who has worked for decades in trying to get Leonard Peltier, the Native American activist, freed from federal prison, I will continue with efforts on behalf of Private Manning. I would not be able to sleep if I did not support someone who is purported to have released the greatest cache of incriminating government material since Daniel Ellsberg and Tony Russo gave us the Pentagon Papers.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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