Where was Jack Young when the rec centers were falling into disrepair?

Interesting reading about our City Council president suggesting we drop the Baltimore Grand Prix because it has (in his words) "large amounts of debt" and at the same time opining over the "outdated" facilities of the city's rec centers and the lack of commitment to bring them into the 21st century ("Drop the Grand Prix," Jan. 12). When Mr. Young was elected unanimously by his fellow council members in 2010, the Sun's Julie Scharper reported that Mr. Young was a 14-year member of the council who had chaired the budget and public safety committees. I guess this begs the question: During those 14 years, how much effort did the councilman spend to improve those rec centers? Quoting directly from Mr. Young, "What does it say about our priorities as a city when we will move heaven and Earth to continue a street race but will turn our backs on our most vulnerable citizens?" Don't you love Baltimore politics?

Roland Moskal, Baltimore

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