Another neocon hit job on Ron Paul

Neoconservative Jonah Goldberg's recent column on Rep. Ron Paul ("The painful naivete of Ron Paul," Dec. 26) is one of many recent neocon hit pieces on the candidate since he rose to the top in the upcoming Iowa primary. Mr. Paul terrifies the neocons because, unlike them, he believes in peace over war, an end to our global empire that we can no longer afford and ending all U.S. foreign aid, including ending the $3 billion that we give to Mr. Goldberg's beloved Israel every year.

Rep. Paul believes in putting America's interests first and dialoguing and trading with friends as well as enemies, including Iran. Mr. Goldberg and his neocon allies, all of whom have close ties to Israel's right-wing Likud Party, promoted the disastrous Iraq war and now are trying to provoke the U.S. into an even more insane war in Iran, in order to remove another regime that is unfriendly to Israel.

Mr. Paul will make an excellent president because he is the only candidate who can turn our country around, both domestically and internationally.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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