Reimer writes another anti-GOP hatchet job

I see Susan Reimer was in good form Monday in her hatchet job on Newt Gingrich ("Family-values blackmail in Iowa," Dec. 19).

While asserting that Mr. Gingrich, a Republican candidate for the presidency, "committed adultery during his first two marriages," she failed to mention that two fairly recent Democratic presidents were guilty of that same offense.

She also seemed to be critical of those opposed to having men and women in the military "sleeping under the same roof."

As a member of the all-male crew on a ship during World War II, I am fairly confident that if women had been integrated into the crew, such a sleeping arrangement would ultimately (quickly?) cause problems.

I wonder, too, would Ms. Reimer approve of her unwed children "sleeping under the same roof" with members of the opposite sex?

Richard T. Seymour, Baltimore

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