Plan Maryland is a socialist plot

Michael Dresser's fine article "Foes, supporters clash over Plan Maryland" (Dec. 12) finally made clear to me the statist, collectivist underpinnings of this "plan."

Reading about it on the Internet was futile because I was unable to penetrate the political camouflage. Mr. Dresser quotes Maryland Planning Secretary Richard Hall as saying "the plan does not create new law." But Senate Minority leader E.J. Pipkin says "it should be a bill."

Herein lies the crux of the deception by the proponents of the "plan." They're using the Obama gambit of imposing government control over the lives of citizens by circumventing legislative bodies.

Sound familiar? How about EPA imposing "cap and trade" via executive mandate when President Obama could not do so through the U.S. Congress.

More sinister, though, is the goal, which is to corral and concentrate Maryland's population in political ghettos where it can be more easily constrained to suit the political agendas of those in power.

How? "State agencies will target state resources — for roads, schools and other public works projects — to support development within the counties' designated zones."

Shades of Karl Marx and his American counterpart, Saul Alinsky. God help us.

Angelo Mirabella, Silver Spring

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