The Postal Service should focus on delivering mail, not packages

Ever since Congress stupidly decided to make the U.S. Postal Service a quasi-private entity, the organization has been going steadily downhill. The arrangement has grossly inflated the ranks of upper and mid-level management, people who have nothing to do with the post office's actual mission of delivering the mail.

On top of that, some upper management idiots decided to spend millions of dollars on changing the design of the Postal Service's logo and are now engaged in a massive TV advertising campaign to get people to ship more packages by USPS.

The Post Office does a good job of delivering mail, not packages, When I have something important to ship, I send it by UPS or Federal Express, because I know it will get there quickly and I can easily track its location along the way.

The solution is simple: Don't cut mail delivery days or slow down first-class delivery. That just makes people use more electronic messaging and further reduces the amount of mail being sent.

Deliver the mail quickly and efficiently, and I'll gladly send more letters, cards and photos that don't translate well into pixels, instant messages or tweets.

Robert N. Cadwalader, Linthicum

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