Huntsman waffles on global warming

Former ambassador to China and GOP presidential primary contender Jon Huntsman normally takes reasonable positions, but he has waffled on the question of global warming ("Gingrich has double-digit lead in new national poll," Dec. 7).

Mr. Huntsman was quoted in The Sun as requesting the scientific community to state its position on whether humans have played a role in climate change more clearly.

Mr. Huntsman should be aware that the National Academies of Sciences, the nation's spokesman for the scientific community, has unequivocally stated that global warming is in part man made and poses an serious threat to mankind.

There are, of course, some scientists who still question this position, but they represent a small proportion of the scientific community — about the same proportion as those who still maintain that the Earth is flat or that evolution is not real.

Jack Kinstlinger, Baltimore

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