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Obama willing to ignore the law when it threatens his Wall Street friends

With each passing day, I regret more and more having voted for President Obama. One can't judge a book by its cover, nor can one judge a politician by his speeches, no matter how articulate.

In August, Mr. Obama told the Justice Department to ignore immigration laws and not deport illegal immigrants. Earlier this year he instructed the department not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court.

On Dec. 4, CBS TV's "60 Minutes" aired a segment about the banks, mortgage lenders and other financial institutions responsible for the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, documenting how their cooking of the books in part caused today's economic crisis. Yet no one has been prosecuted, and there have been no grand jury investigations of those who violated the law.

The financial institutions are big, big contributors to the president's re-election campaign as he jets around the country in Air Force One to schmooze with supporters. Since it appears he does not want to bite the hands that feed him, his Justice Department is laying low — if not silencing itself entirely — on such matters, even though there is a law on the books passed during the previous administration, Sarbanes-Oxley, to cover this situation.

Richard L. Lelonek, Baltimore

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