Rest assured, Ron Smith, the America you love will never die

Ron Smith's farewell column left me in tears ("My work here is done," Nov. 18). Quite a shock. While we all mourn for those who contract cancer, and we are saddened by the passing of singers, actors and authors whose talents have entertained us, there's something different about a columnist who comments on the condition of society so close to home. Something more personal, because his world is similar to ours. His words more pertinent. Mr. Smith's column was something those of us who share his views eagerly awaited. An oasis of sanity, like a letter from a dear friend geography prevents us from communing with. Every Friday, I ran to the mailbox, looking for Mr. Smith's letter.

Ron can rest assured that his beliefs will not fade away with the passing of his body. Kindred minds will shed the appropriate tears, toss a rose on the grave, and get back to work. We are young, we are brave, we are strong, and we will use the philosophical foundations men like him helped instill in us. You taught us well, Ron. The dragon is awake now, and we will fight to our dying breath to insure that the dystopian future Pat Buchanan hints of in his book doesn't come to pass. We are teaching our children conservative values. We are formulating new strategies and coordinating our efforts like never before. And we are right. Rest assured, Ron Smith, the America you love will never die.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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