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Occupiers' diffuse anger isn't getting the movement where it needs to go

The "Occupy" movement is too important to disband, though you're absolutely correct in urging them to focus their efforts on practical goals ("Time to grow up," Nov. 17).

I've spent time at McKeldin Square, and I spoke briefly at the Save the Post Office rally on Sunday. But my overall impression of the encampment remains the same: It's retro Woodstock.

There are many valid issues, yet with few exceptions most "occupiers" cannot explain why they're angry. It's becoming little more than a nostalgic hippie adventure.

The free food is nice, there are piles of donated clothes, and I picked up a copy of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" at the swap table. But these activities don't address the underlying issue — namely, the obscene rewards so many Wall Street executives received after destroying the economy.

Face it, there is nothing the rich and powerful wouldn't like more than to see the "Occupy" effort fade. However, continuing the angry protests, disrupting morning commutes or engaging in guerrilla street theater won't work.

There are plenty of reasons Americans should be angry today. I'm just sorry those leading the charge fail to grasp the first principles of organization.

Roz Heid

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