Cain's problem: Incompetence, not sexual harassment

This whole scandal over Herman Cain's alleged sexual harassment of women during the 1990s is driving me crazy because the media is insisting on covering this story instead of properly vetting the candidates.

Mr. Cain recently was on C-span to debate Gingrich, and it was clear he doesn't know much about government. The guy had to let Newt go first on every question because it was clear he had no clue what they were talking about.

Yet the media puts a spotlight on Mr. Cain's alleged sexual misconduct instead. And it's the "right-wing" media that's at fault here because they're the ones the Republican voters depend on to educate them on the candidates.

We don't have press credentials, we can't ask the candidates questions. People are making their minds up about this guy based on whether or not they believe he did what these women say. That's absurd.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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