Herman Cain is sorry excuse for a candidate

Accusations of sexual harassment are hardly the only reason to reject Herman Cain as a candidate for president ("New Cain accuser comes forward with own account," Nov. 8). In fact, he should be rejected as a candidate because he is both unqualified and too ill-informed to be even considered. Mr. Cain admits that he knows nothing about foreign policy, a prerequisite for the office.

He couldn't answer a question about Palestinian right of return, didn't know that China already has nuclear weapons, doesn't have an opinion on what to do in Afghanistan, said that he was OK with a shooting war in Iran and made the really stupid statement, "If you mess with Israel, you mess with us."

When compared to Ron Paul, the only competent, honest and courageous presidential candidate in the field, Mr. Cain is a sorry excuse who needs to remove himself from the contest.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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