Three GOP candidates say God told them to run; which two is He messing with?

God seems to be getting more and more involved in American Politics. We have three Republican candidates, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain, who each claim that God told them to run! Now either two, or perhaps all three, are lying, or God is messing with two of them! Which do you think it is? Does God have a sense of humor after all?

Now today I see in the Sunpaper that Kennett Gore has also apparently been spoken to by God when He told Kennett to "Do what is right in the sight of God," which is apparently to make sure that marriage is only allowed for the union of one man and one woman. Mr. Gore must be reading a different Bible to the one I read because while one man does seem to be the rule in marriage in the Bible, one wife certainly doesn't; multiple wives seem to be quite common all through it's pages. But perhaps that is not convenient to mention?

It seems to me that the Bible, God and the church should be left out of American politics completely. Our original politicians, who were very much wiser, smarter and more savvy than any that assail us today, had it right when they separated church and state.

David A Liddle, Baltimore

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