Those unhappy with Baltimore's fortunes should vote

As I write this letter, hundreds of frustrated and angered peoples have uniquely transformed the traditional protest into a massive public sit-in. A display that started in New York has been duplicated all over the nation into the movement known as "Occupy Wall Street."

The frustration and discontent is against governments' inept and lackluster response to the growing economic woes of the nation. Though a legitimate concern and cause, the methods of the protesters are all wrong. The true way to right the wrong in government is to get involved and become active in government, not to sit around.

Here in Baltimore, the Occupy movement ironically have chosen McKeldin Square at the intersection of Pratt and Charles streets. Ironic because that location was named after the last Republican mayor, Theodore McKeldin. Mayor McKeldin left office in 1967 when Baltimore's economy was robust and supported a population of more than 890,000. Today, Occupy Baltimore protesters face a loss of jobs, population, and the overall stagnant economy of the city.

On Nov. 8, the true occupiers will not get the fanfare and attention as those in the tents of Pratt Street because their address is 100 North Holliday Street, home of Baltimore's City Hall. That is the only occupying that matters.

Trae Lewis, Baltimore

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